Officially join the membership and commit to give $400 over the course of four meetings during the year.
Simple * Efficient* Powerful * Fun
Imagine raising $10,000+ in just one hour for a local charity! That's exactly what the power of collective giving can accomplish.
Fun, efficient and effective.
Invite your friends to join you in this amazing experience that benefits our local community!
Meet once per quarter and learn about local causes that need support. As a member, you can nominate a cause. Three causes will be randomly selected, and the nominating member, or a person they designate, will make a five-minute presentation.
Following the presentations, vote on the cause that speaks to you. The one with the most votes will receive our collective donation.
Cheque Out
Within just one hour of the start of the meeting , youíll write your $100 cheque to the majority vote cause and go home knowing youíve made a big difference.
Arrive early to socialize, network, and enjoy a glass of wine with your fellow members!
This is how it works:
Nominating a Charity / Non-Profit
Each member of 100 Warmland Women can nominate a registered charity / non-profit by filling out the Nomination Form. After your form is submitted, it can take up to three weeks for the Nominations Coordinator to confirm your nomination. This process includes contacting the charity / non-profit and confirming their status.

Please ensure your form is submitted at least three weeks before the next meeting in order for your chosen charity/non-profit to be considered for a donation.

Each member's submission remains in the draw basket until:

After a charity/non-profit has received the majority vote, it will be three years before that charity is eligible to be nominated again. When a member's nominated charity receives a donation, the member can nominate another charity by filling out another form.
What Charities are Eligible?
To be considered for a 100 Warmland Women donation, charities / non-profits must be registered, and located in the Cowichan Valley; Saltair to Mill Bay and everything in between.
If youíre not sure that your charity is registered, call them, or go to Canada Revenue Agency Charity Listings and do a search.

National and International registered charities can be nominated, if they have an office within the area 100 Warmland Women serves, and as long as the money that the registered charity receives is spent on local services.
Click Here to Search for Charities!
Can I Change My Nomination?
For a variety of reasons, sometimes 100 Warmland Women members want to change their nominated charity / non-profit. If you would like to make a change, please send an email, indicating why you would like to make a change, subject line: Nomination change request.
How Does the Vote Work?
At quarterly meetings, vetted nomination forms are placed in a basket and three forms are drawn. Members whose forms are drawn (or members' designates) make a five-minute presentation about the charity / non-profit they nominated.

All members present at the meeting who are current on their contributions can vote. The secret ballots are collected and tallied at the meeting, and the charity/non-profit with the most votes is awarded the full amount.

All members write their $100 cheques to the majority vote charity / non-profit.

As a committed member, we ask that you support the chosen charity / non-profit, even if you personally voted for another or are absent.
What if the Vote Results in a Tie?
If two charities / non-profits tie with the most votes, then there will be a run-off vote between them. If the run-off results in another tie, then the names of both charities / non-profits will be put in a hat and the winner will be randomly selected. In the case of a three-way tie, the names of all three charities / non-profits will be put in a hat and the winner will be randomly selected.
Do I Have to Give a Presentation?
We understand some members may be uncomfortable making presentations. If thatís you, there are other options: you can get another member to do your presentation for you, or one of our Lead Team members can read your presentation.
If you do not want to present, you can indicate this on your form. If you would like a member of the Lead Team to make your presentation please send a copy via email, subject line: Nominations Coordinator / Presentation Request.
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